Hi everyone. This is John Sasaki. For the past few years I have been working closely with AZX Law Office to assist their clients on international matters. More recently, we have started to write a blog together, on Silicon Valley transactions and U.S. law. To see the original posts on the AZX website, please go to the AZX website, at http://www.azx.co.jp/blog.

In addition, I have been assisting AZX to create English versions of some of the content from their website. Primarily, this content consists of various questions and answers on Japanese law.

With AZX' permission, I will post some of these questions and answers on my own website. You can click below on one of the general areas of law below, which will link to a list of question topics. If you click on a question topic, you will be linked to a specific question and the corresponding answer. Please be on the lookout for additional content, which will be posted from time to time in the future.

**The information in the Q&A portion of this website is up-to-date as of the date indicated. We do not guarantee conformity with the most recent laws, regulations and court precedents. Also, please note that the Q&A has not been prepared with any specific matter in mind, so please make sure to consult with the appropriate advisors for each specific .